Why Are You Trying To Be Different?

There will always be people,
Who say they know another...
On a first name basis.
To exaggerate the claim made,
Without truth or facts connected to attach...
What has been told to them by others,
Who themselves have made no contact...
With the person they all talk about,
And behind their backs...
To have everything created made up to make real.
Until the moment of truth is met,
To have that person unknown confuse their imaginations.

So why are you 'trying' to be different? '

~Than what?
Or from what? ~

'From the 'who' you really are.
I've been told you are an actor.'

~Then who or what am I suppose to be?
Since you know so much about what it is I do.
And, from your point of view.
Tell me more.
I'm all ears to hear.

'If you don't know...
Who does? '

Give me a clue.
This is disappointing.
I'm sure you know 'me' better than I do.~

'I don't what to say this,
You may be right.
I know you are pretending not to be yourself.
Stop pretending to be someone I know you are not.'

Please tell me who I am.
Don't leave me this way.~

'You're crazy.'

I accept that.
What does my acceptance of 'your' facts,
Make you?
Less or more knowledgeable of your lack of them?
Now that I have acknowledged to you I am crazed.~

What? '

~Those are my sentiments exactly.
I should have expressed them earlier.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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don't leave me this way, good writing, thanks,