'Why Are Your Eyes Fixed On Me? '

What good are accomplishments and deeds done,
If there is a choosing by some who benefits from them?
Too many seek either approval or acceptance,
For what it is that they do.
To eventually embellish and exaggerate,
With an attention given and without showing proof...
Of any deeds done they did to do,
Than they are needing to be the center of accolades.

It seems those who accomplish with deeds done,
Are seldom the ones with an ego displayed...
To then say,
'If it wasn't for me and things done 'I' did...
No one would be able to benefit from 'my' efforts attempted.'

Thank God the topic being discussed,
Is 'Deeds Accomplished' and not 'Efforts Attempted'.
You would have us here all night.~

'I object to your insinuation.
I am not here to waste anyone's time,
Just to talk about myself.'

~And you've taken twenty minutes,
'Attempting' to convince all of us of this.
Are you done with your effort?
The topic to be discussed,
Is 'Deeds Accomplished'.
And those doing this without seeking attention.~

'Why are your eyes fixed on me? '

~Don't for a moment think I find you attractive.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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