Why Aren'T We Sharing Fall

As the leaves on trees
Began to remind
Summertime is departing,
I thought of you
And hoped you too
Were wishing like me,
We were still holding each other...
As the sunset began to dip
To silhouette our kissing lips.

As the breeze blew
And falling leaves flew...
Autumn was approaching
To apply new hues.
Of red, orange, yellow and brown.
A colorful rusticness had found
Us living in New England reminiscing!
But we weren't 'this' distant then.

Those gone and passed on are remembered.
The holidays begin with Halloween.
How appropriate!
Masks are adorned,
To cover true identities.
And misunderstood with these feelings.
I could but I don't hide my memories too well.

I could...
But I don't pretend there is an emptiness,
In my heart.
I could...
But I don't let go of a love I know is real,
And felt when sharing it!

I don't...
But I should call.
To see if you are missing me at all.
And if you are,
Why aren't we sharing Fall together?

I don't...
But I should call.
To apologize for saying,
'I could care less if you leave! '

I can say,
I am 'sorry' to those who are gone and passed on!
And I know I have with them been forgiven.

I love and want you here with me to know it!

I will call.
I can not leave Fall without you!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

Wonderful, wonderful poem about the sad feel that fall brings, and the loneliness. And that final line...I will call. I cannot leave Fall without you...is just perfect. I will tell you...this is a great poem!