Why Ask Why

I am blessed by God each and everyday
But sometimes I question him when things don't go my way
I know through each trial God is always there
Telling me he loves me and that he care
Yet as I go through I ask why In everything there is a reason
For my suffering will last only for a season
Life is not going to always be easy
And I want God to receive praises from me
So why should I ask why I know God is strengthening me through each tribulation
And he would not put me through if I could not get out the situation
He takes me through the things I do not understand
And I know the Lord is there holding my hand
So why would I ask the question why The Lord will never leave me alone
And I know through faith he will lead me on
I never ask why when things are all right
Yet I do when crisis come that I must fight
But why do I ask the question why I want the Lord to use me
And through each trial he'll get the glory
I know he is always by my side
Steady showing me the way and being my guide
I know I'll understand things more by and by
So heavenly father help me not to ever doubt you by asking the question why.

by Catrina Joint

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