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Why Be A Vegetarian...

Why Be A Vegetarian...

Poem By Vijaiya Ramkissoon

Wellbeing is not derived from any material wealth,
And of this, the greatest by far, is good health.
You want to be healthy and have a positive attitude,
Eat fresh and wholesome vegetarian food!

Human beings are not natural carnivores,
We do not have fangs, nor do we have claws.
The stomach is not meant to be a cemetery
Think about the many lives in there that we bury.

Our intestines are not as short as that of meat-eaters,
So waste remains there longer than in those creatures.
We poison our systems on a daily basis
Creating the perfect situation for a health crisis.

Millions of people each day die from starvation,
This can be solved by ending meat production.
Food given to meat-animals is large in quantity,
The edible grains can be used to feed the hungry.

Livestock pastures can be used to grow food,
A logical alternative is this, one can conclude!
So, in making this decision of being a vegetarian,
We can help someone who suffers from malnutrition.

Why murder animals- so helpless and innocent,
Only to satisfy our senses of taste and scent.
The terror they undergo is beyond calculation,
Must we cause them to suffer only for our satisfaction?

So the next time you pick up a drumstick to take a bite,
Take a minute and decide whether it’s wrong or right.
Whether it’s from a health, economic or moral point of view,
Vegetarianism is the wisest choice for both me and you.

Bless! !

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Comments (3)

I really liked this poem as the words have a lasting impression although I will confess I am not a vegetarian however I was earlier though stopped being so in-between that's why I sort of can relate to it. Great Poem.
A good message, beautifully presented...those who follow vegetarianism will definitely like this serving...I now know why you are always seventeen...always at peace! *10*
This is probably the most convincing reason to become a veggie. (Having said that I do love my meat - though your sentiments are well presented) Enjoyed the poem and the sentiments behind it. HG: -) xx