Why Birds Don'T Smoke

Flying through the air with the greatest of care,
Birds can go just about anywhere.
It's amazing to me just to see,
How much lung power can fling you over trees.
The world must appear exhilarating for free,
As any other way would cost you a month's pay. Imagine if birds would be able to smoke,
Not only could they not fly, they would choke.
The air would be polluted amongst the flock,
They wouldn't be known as America's alarm clock. Imagine a world without nature's awakening,
The beauty of nature would be earthshaken.
But now teenagers send smoke up to the sky,
Why they don't stop nobody knows why,
The poor birds can hardly breathe.
If birds had a choice, they would sound their voice.
By putting a NO SMOKING sign in the trees.

by Karen Egleston

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