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Why Call It Love? ?
WO (3 february 1995 / lagos)

Why Call It Love? ?

Poem By Warrith Olawale

Why call it love and sing about
If it's only in the summer, it sprouts?
Why do we deceive ourselves at pleasure
That there's no winter with censure?
For i feel this feeling, it grows and soars
Under this summer sun that rages and roars
That shrinks up laughter and sucks off smiles.
You say 'Our love is but for a while'.

Why call it love? Please answer,
If feelings only bloom this summer.
And when that day, the winter wind blows,
It blows away all our senses, totally yet so slow.
And when people talk about the happening,
We lay, without the capability of wondering
At how life has slipped off our fork's prongs
Like the honey of youth did, off our tongues.
After death has given life our two solitary doves,
How could we have called it love?

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Comments (2)

True love is possible if it happens to both halves otherwise shrinks. Nice poem.
Part-time love or fair-weather love is no love. True love survives through thick and thin. A well articulated piece written with insight. Lovely poem. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.