EC (07-18-1989 / Arkansas)

Why Can'T I? Part 2

Why can't I stop thinking about you
Thought by now I would be over you
Why can't I stop singing stupid love songs
They pop in my head then flow right out of my mouth

I try so hard to erase your name from my mind and heart
But somehow your name doesn't seem to erase
Why won't it go away

These thoughts in my mind are about you
Sitting here in the dark wondering why
Why can't I figure this out
Figure out why can't I get you out of my mind and heart

I swear my heart tells me your name in the mist of the night
Then I wake up and can't go back to sleep
Stuck there with your name on my mind

Stuck with all our little conversations we've had in my head
Trying to take parts and put them together
And then maybe I would figure out the truth
Whether or not you like me

Cause I've been dying to know
The more I think about you
The more I'm trying to figure out if you're the reason why I'm still here

Sometimes I think that and sometimes I think I'm just in love with you
But I'm just not sure
Cause the more I think about it
You are the one who has told me truths and lies and everything in between

Its hard for me to believe anything you say
Although I still do
And I dunno why

But you make me feel so alive
And happy to be here
You make smile
Even when I don't want to

Why can't I figure this out
Figure out what to do about you
I'm just so confused

March 1-4,2008


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