Why Can'T I Sleep

Why can't I sleep?
Do I think of problems or fantasise
Do I tackle situations or finish creations?
Do I try to hard to drift, at 3am sleeps still a myth I long to prove alive
If I watch that hour of failed longing, laying there and clocks tic tocking
To realise its just me in this I search for answers and find no meaning its now 4am and i start self blaming.
I have no reason to still be awake, I've closed my eyes for goodness sake! I lay here patiently for hours on end, the room is dark my sanity nears end
It's now 5am.

At 6am the pillow is thrown the duvet gets kicked and anger is shown its now 8am and I fell asleep! 2 hours under and I'm feeling so weak just another 6 hours please, but a failed attempt at pleading with time leads me to be late because I slept in the sunshine.

Tonight will be different I think I'll try something new then, oh look it's 3am.....AGAIN

by Ben Crocker

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