Why Can'T They Identify Truth?

Does a decay eating away for decades,
Need the existence of it identified...
For those unaware of it,
To realize how decay starts?
When those do become aware of it,
Why is it they bring their frustrations to another...
To protest to them...repeatedly.
What has been theirs to dismiss to deny.
Why do they hide behind,
Their own alibis and lies?

Why should their tears cried,
Be given attention?
When it had been mentioned to be ignored,
That where they sat...
Needed them to inspect and protect with interest.
Not others who they run to expect them to undo,
A lack of accountability or responsibility...
As if children seeking guidance,
From lessons they refuse to grow up and learn.

Why can't they see themselves?
Why can't they identify truth?
Why do they refuse to acknowledge,
The cause and effect of their activities?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Really nice poem.I enjoyed reading it and the queries you have raised here are so essential to understand who we are.