Why Cant I Just Be Me?

One soul,
With two hearts made whole.
Trown into a deep abyss,
Full of self-lessness and bliss.
So, why so unhappy?
To what extent can you give,
Of what you are and why you live?

Of what life would you live,
Yours-Or what they choose for you to give?
Why did you change me?
Why haven't I been the real me?
Does it really take your shaping and molding,
For me to be the one your holding?

Then Lets speak,
About my heart threatening to break,
I can feel the person I really am clawing,
knawing and screaming inside,
Begging to be the one on the outside.
I won't be the doll baby you are trying to turn me into.
I am not what you are making me,
I just want to be me!

by Monica Lynn Mason

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