Why Cant We Be Together Again?

Poem By Suhel Akram

why should it happen?
why is the road to love,
bring us to an end?
cant we keep on,
reconstructing the road,
and stay on walking together,
holding hands in hands,
locking the eyes to eyes,
and making the hearts,
beat as one and only one.
cant we just forget this day,
and erase it from,
the calender of love in our life.
i know it is possible,
for us to continue together,
we can build the strongest bond,
between us that never end,
we can make ours life,
for we and only we,
i know we can make,
this life together and,
never wait for next life to come.
i know we can,
never let anything apart us,
not even in the hardest of,
our times when we are,
arguing and arguing,
misunderstanding and misunderstanding,
misguided and misguided,
i know our love is strong,
enough to wipe away,
all sways and heaps,
of hurts and wounds,
why cant we then be together again?

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