Why Dad?


why do you hate me so much?
why don't you love me?
why don't you care about me?
dad why do you hate me?

you alway shout at me
you never speak to me politely
you never care how do i feel
you always call me bad name

you always say that i am stupid
you alway lock me in the house
you don't care about me

what kind of a dad is this?
what have i done dad?
i never saw you smiling at me
you never say conglatulation

my sadness make you happy
my tears bring joy in your heart.

i'm your only child
i'm your only daugther
you are not proud
i'm your gift from God

dad learn to be proud
why have you chosen so?

Comments about Why Dad?

You should print this and give it to your father as it is raw emotion well expressed and you will not progress in your relationship until he is confronted and made to account for his actions. Good luck.
Wow thats one of a sad poem i like it even if its sad. Great work

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