Why Daddy?

I got the phone call yesterday
It came as a real shock
As I was just doing my homework
Listening to that vexing tick tock

They said...

“I am really sorry to say
Your daddy has passed away
He was killed in a roadside bomb
I’m sorry...” and she hung up the phone

I stood still
As dead as a rock
But all I could think was wont
Someone shut up that stupid clock
I pulled it from the wall
And watched it shatter to pieces

As the tears welled up in my eyes
Like an over flowing bath
I slowly sank to the floor
Just like an airless balloon

I sat there pondering
Daddy why did you leave me
I sat there wondering
We were good together; weren’t we?

A sudden knock at the door
Ringed through my head
They had come to get me
Co’s daddy was dead

As quickly as possible
I raced around
Trying to stop them
With anything found

I was crazy frantic
“I don’t know what to do! ”
I grabbed the knife desperately
It was the only thing I could do

I just want to see daddy
And I hit the floor with a thud
As they bust of the door
And saw the pool of blood

Im only 12 plz dont be too harsh

by Lisa John

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