CJ (8-17-91 / Maury County, Tennessee)

Why Daddy?

What did I do wrong here, daddy?
What did I say to make it end?
Why can't you just love me, daddy?
Why are you stuck in a life that's pretend?

Why can't you just hold me, daddy?
Why instead do you push me away?
Why am I the outcast, daddy?
Why couldn't you just let me stay?

I wanted to be there with you, daddy
I wanted to be apart of your life
Why wasn't I good enough, daddy?
Am I not as good as your new kids and wife?

I used to be your everything, daddy
You used to love me, remember that dad?
How can you just forget me, daddy?
Was it that far back into the past?

Can't you remember how it was before?
Daddy, remember when our lives meant more?
Now you want to forget I exist
But, daddy, I'll always be your kid

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Comments (4)

Tears came to my eyes. I know you probably wouldn't want mr to go all pity party, so I won't. A really beautiful poem and a 10. -Lydia
I think many of us that have been turned away by our own parents can relate to this....myself included. I'm so sorry Crystal. Sincerely, Mary
Crystal.......your sentiments are Crystal Clear.........your writing really reaches out and that is a GIFT........thank heaven you have the talent to express your thoughts in a way that touches. You just keep writing....this is a wonderful poem.
This is a gut wrenching poem. I feel for you. My poem anticipation questions the same thing but, in a different way. I hope you can eventually forgive your dad and move on in love and hope. Blessings to you. Kimberly