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Why Dandelions Cry

It is no wonder dandelions bellow:
Mother Summer no longer holds her child.
Forsaken are those petals, soft and yellow,
Left to wither and writhe in Autumn’s wild.

Green-grass-beds growing darker, turning brown;
Bright-colored leaves all fall, then suffocate.
Flossy seed balls dropped hard on frozen ground,
Crushed beneath burly acorn’s massive weight!

Frail tap roots cling to the swirl of Earth’s flight,
Uprooted by great eolian force,
Blown about in skies devoid of sunlight,
Jaunting off to the unknown chartered course...

...Why flowers pass is not without sound reason,
As Nature demonstrates with each fall season:

For all things born in Time must surely die;
No wonder why the dandelions cry.

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This one is beautiful to read, and a lovely subject - dandelions, they give such colour although they only grow to a certain height, as you say underfoot really. Thanks for posting it. Love Ernestine XXX
This brings back sweet memories of childhood to me. We used to blow the Danelions, to see if he loved us or not, and then their were buttercups to disect too. Excellent form in Keatsian style, language and nature included. He is one of my favourite poets. 10 from impressed Tai