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Why Did I...

Why did I allow you to...
Forget all my dreams
Silence my screams

Keep me down
Live a life with no conversation or sound
Why do I allow you to...

Distort the relaity I see
Lie to me
Pull me into your foolish mind

Be your little girl, *freaked* up and blind
Like a prized possesion, I stand there and wait
Like a fool, I believed in you

Like a mute, I said nothing
Like an illegitimate soul, you cage me
Like a worthless treasure, I'm tarnished

I'll never be equilivent to the corrner store beauty or dazzling as the brilliant waitress
*Freak* you, your wicked thoughts, and your ignorant ways
I'm better than your neurotic download obsessions

I am somebody
I matter
I feel

I am...

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