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Why Did I Ever Love You?

Why did I ever love you?
Was it because of your soft brown eyes?
Or that you were unlike any other guy?
An uplifting smile perhaps?
I bet you wouldn't of walked a mile for me.
Why did i ever love you?
Maybe i was just hurt, confused, and afraid.
Did you ever think of me?
Or the other beautiful girl always on your mind?
Boy i wish time could unwind.
Why did i ever love you>
Could it be that i liked your warming hugs?
It seems that we only made out, you never kissed me.
I liked your warm glow.
It would of been great if our love couldve growed.
Why did i ever love you?
Did i not deserve you...possibly too good for me?
I cried long enough.
Why cant this shame and misery go away in a puff?
Even though i meant nothing to you, you'll always have a place in my heart.
I guess looks can be deceiving is a start.

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