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Why Did She Leave

She came unto me like a dream,
Floating on cushions of air,
In my heart I waited in joy and anticipation
But when I looked again, she wasn't there.
Once from her heart, life and love it was seething,
Now her heart is cold and dead and not breathing.

She once was my only true love
Now she is just a remembrance and a thought,
I can still see her and hear her speak to me
But only when I am sad and lonely and distraught.
Life and wonder and her I did adore,
Now that heart of hers, it beats no more.

She was known as my better half
She was my love, my life, my true soulmate,
Now I am lost and alone in this life
And I see no hope, and all that I feel is anger and hate.
My soul it stays in a sadness and in torment,
Why did GOD take her, and why did she went.

Randy L. McClave

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