Why Did You Break My Heart

Poem By Syed Karim

Why did you break my heart
Played a love game and then depart
I was a lonely soul before you came
I am lonely again, I took the blame
True love remains the same now and then
It brings joy and washes all the pain
Love never changes through age as we grow old
It is a bondage as pure as gold
Love does not ask question, never demands an answer
A gift that unites us with here and hereafter
Love is undefineable, an awesome force
Only felt in heart, an unlimited source
Love is a blessing only a few can inherit
It radiates, glows, just like the candle when lit
When you play with love and break others heart
One day some one will do you the same and you will fall apart
My love will wait for you till the last day
Without you, my life is empty, gloomy and gray

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