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Why Did You Leave?
RB (1979 / Calgary)

Why Did You Leave?

Poem By Robert Brendan

When it gets sad or phony
or I'm getting angry in
these situations
I just leave
when some girl
is talking about nothing
asking questions to see
if she will ever run out of them

but she never does

I just leave.
after they have asked me
my problem is
my issue
lets talk about this
and get
to the down root of it
I just leave
and other times
when there one sitting
and you have been trying to
have a conversation
anything really
anything but asking those
what are you drinking
how’s it going
what are you doing tonight
how’s and on
you hear it
I don’t read
no never
I leave then too
why she asks
why do you have to go
I have something I have to do
I say
not looking at her
but she smells the lie

good for her
that means she’s not
dead yet.

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