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Why Did You?

Why did you cry for me, babe?
Why did you stare?
Why do you die for me, babe?
Do you think I didn’t care?

I just don’t look the same.
I don’t know why I was even there.
Do you remember me, babe?
Do you even dare?

I hate what you did to me, babe.
You were always there.
You cared for me, yes you did, babe,
But I didn’t dare.

You were to good to me, babe,
I don’t know why.
You trusted me, yes you did, babe.
And I ran and cried.

But you never did, babe,
Treat me unkind.
It was always me, babe,
Why did you even try?

No one could have saved me, babe.
You knew why.
I’m hopeless, please babe,
And you still tried.

So don’t blame yourself, babe,
Cause you never failed.
It was me, babe,
You never could’ve helped.

And you gave me, babe
The only thing I ever had
It was love and hope, babe
But I couldn’t live like that.

So I tried, yes I did, babe
To save myself.
But it was hard on me, babe,
My love for you, it tried to save.

So I’m gonna be, babe,
With that man up there.
Not living life as I should,
Please, don’t even care.

You always said to me, babe,
I shouldn’t be scared.
Life was easy,
If you had someone that cared.

It’s not your fault
That I failed, babe
Instead of there with you,
I am up here, babe
I had to leave you, babe.

You put a spell on me, babe.
It was called you.
But I had to leave, babe,
Because of all the things,
That I went through.

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A very good poem indeed. Great
Hey this poem is incredible! ! ! I love the way this girl has given up hope of ever being happy again, Besides it reminds me of what my ex used to say to me.... i mean just about every line of this poem is like her words to me.... to be honest it's kinda freaky It's like the reply to all my poems.... all the answers i've been waiting for ;) Thankyou for such a lovely creation Leo