Why Didn'T You Wait A While!

Poem By Meleseini Meki

A young man gets ready to go cruising for da night, Never thought he'd meet a girl and fall in love at first sight. Well their eyes finally met and they both exchanged smiles, Then they started exchanging words that last for quite a while. His heart began to race as she blushed each time he spoke, As the night came to an end he got a napkin and he wrote. He put his name and number and then puts it in her hand, And whispered in her ear sayin call me when you can. She began to frown saying I dont think I should, I wont be able to call or date anyone if I could. My parents are really strict and wont approve of any guy, Wants me to be untouchable until the day I die. He stood there in shock and didnt know what to say, She was amazed cause he wanted to date her anyway. So she took the risk and called him knowing the rules, She would try to find a way to go and see him but during school. Well they soon fell in love as they went from date to date, Spending time together at times she'd even sneak out late. They felt they were a perfect match made from above, Everything was perfect. They were so in love. Well one night when she snuck out really, She didnt realize when she returns she'll soon face her fate. There were her parents sitting on her bed, Who looked at her with anger and finally said. Who was that young man you are never to see him again, She cried as she replied hes no one just a friend. They started yelling at her saying baby you had sin, You're only 16 you still dont know a thing. She continued to cry she jus couldnt fight her tears, And what they said next was that off her worst fear. Tomorrow you will pack your things we're sending you away, We will not allow you to see this boy another day, So they left her room back out the window she snuck'd, She went to her boyfriends house sayin baby we need to talk. So they went for a stroll up da mountain by his house, As they walked they started crying as she started pourin out. Then dey stopped at this cliff where they saw a beautiful view, Then he pointed to a tree and said I carved a message on there for you. So she walked and saw the message sayin i'll die without you in my life. Then she turned and realized he was no where in sight. She ran towards the cliff, there at the bottom he lays dead, She cried and she screamed thru the night as she repeatedly sed. Why did you do this to me, why couldnt you just wait a while. My parents wont send me away because im carrying your child.

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