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Why Do I Emasculate A Certain Type Of Man?
ET (6-19-68 / New orleans, La)

Why Do I Emasculate A Certain Type Of Man?

He challenges women
Jealous of women
Hate women
Strong women
It makes him feel inadequate
Because strong women wont quit
If he's attracted to a strong woman
and he can't have that strong woman
He then goes on a campaign trail
her Goals
The Low blows
Towards the strong woman who knows
A good man
The rats
she detects
and rejects
Because his heart is not set
on winning together
only winning by destroying the good woman
Why Do I Emasculate A Certain Type Of man?
Because he's willing to kill
The strong warrior woman he blames for his dysfunction.
By, Elizabeth Torres Afro Puerto-rican
Poet for social change and justice

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This is Elizabeth Torres Appreciate your comment I'm glad I got your attention. I write From incite My plight Is not all hype Yes I can be an emotional writer I Keep it raw and uncut sometimes. As an empath Sociopaths Usually targets are type You know The type Activist Poet In Action Social With a real conscience We get mad When void of emotional men Project To cover up The lack If we appear Softy We have empathy
It seems most men are afraid of even the idea that a women could be stronger than them. When they encounter a woman that is such, it's likely that, rather than show the emotion of their fears being realized, they might react in a more standoffish manner. A good poem brining attention to a societal norm which needs to be revised. The authors note, however, puzzles me a bit. Do you despise these men? Or pray for them? I'm not religious, and far from an authority on prayer, but in my understanding it can't be both.