Why Do I Go

There are those who ask me why?
Why do I go to fight fight and maybe die.
For many reasons I answer the call.
Some will understand others not at all.

Because I am a warrior
my given orders I must obey.
To seek and destroy all those
who align with evildoers.

Because of my ideals and values.
Yes I will go I will man the lines.
I will fight because my heart tells me.
I must protect my loved ones.

My loved ones because I cannot bear
perception of their pain
or forever gone from my care.
Yes I must respond.

I go because I believe tyrants threaten.
To gain dominance by force
instill fear and harm.
To innocent gentle souls.

I go because somewhere
someone's freedom.
is jeophardized.
Held captive of terror and threat.

I must fight despite great odds.
Keeping safe all people's right.
To live and choose freely
to realize each's hopes and dreams.

To protect the privilege
of everyone's natural right
to voice unafraid their feelings.
To carry on that fight I must go.

by Kurt Hearth

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