NJC (18/2/71 / Jaipur, india)

Why Do I Have To

Why do I Have to
Everyday meet
Me and my shadow
On the scary streets

Why did it
Leave me, And stray
The only love
I lived for Anyway

Why was I born,
To the sand dunes On run
A wild cactus flower
Where no birds and bees

Why wild caverns
Call up my name
Why do these crowds
Drive me insane

All that I want
All that I need

Songs of oceans
Floral breeze
Rhythmic dances
In tidal heaves

Lonesome moonlight
Rustling of leaves
It's in these quite moments
New love is weaved.

Poetic sketches
Of prismatic dawn
Magnetic laughter
Of nights reborn

All that is sublime
that churns
Scents of my future
In past Pyres
That burn

When will I reach
My timeless retreat
That niche
In this universe
Where shadows
Don't creep

by Nalini Jyotsana Chaturvedi

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