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Why Do I Live

Did I cure a humans strife,
Or comfort did I give,
These are the questions that I ask,
For why, do I live.
Though I carry not a sword,
Or speak the words of faith,
These are thoughts I have occurred,
For why, do life do I rate.
I never ever stopped a tear,
Or softened a humans strife,
I never had the reason to live,
By holding on to tomorrow.

Why do I live,
Why not I die,
What are the reasons,
For me to live and survive.
These questions kept entering into my mind,
Until I answered back with a tear,
Is it something stored into tomorrow,
Is that, why I am here.
As I stood at the sky just staring,
While the world passed be by,
While making many hopes, wishes and dreams,
Maybe that; is why I am alive.

Randy L. McClave

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