I have a friend who is as red as a beet
And has tiny feet.

She doesn’t have claws
But we call her Santa Claus.

I have a friend who’s name is Dana
She doesn’t wear a bandanna
but we call her banana.

I have another friend who never grabs
But we call her crabs.

I have another friend who’s not big
But we call her flying pig.

My name isn’t Gwen
But all my friends call me penguin.

by miya rob

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Love is an inescapable delight. This poem has beautiful expressions of metaphors as personifications and paradoxical statements such particular: the wind does not require the grass and the last verse: the sunrise compelleth me because he's sunrise... i see... i love him. love is spontaneous and may spark from unneeded things which become great compellance.
Oh my God this poem got my mine
Dickinson was actually a poet I steered clear of bc of the magnitude of her popularity, until people kept telling me I write similar to her. It was funny because she wasn't my muse. Now, I read a lot of Emily's work and really do love her.
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