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Why Do I Love You?

Why do i love you I ask myself lover?
What have you done so unique from another?
Your physical beauty of which you could boast
Is kept subtle and secondary which I prefer most

Your true beauty though you dare not to hide
Are the thoughts and the feelings you don't keep inside
You share them with me and i feel each day better
I'd eat junk mail all week just to get to your letter

When i hold you and feel you its more than a touch
It's a movement and a symphony you love me so much

So why do i love you? I 've tried to discern
Living without you would give me heartburn

Why do i love you? I have tried and tried to say
It grows yes it grows more with each passing day

Why do i love you? you dared set me free
Well i know one more reason,
I know you love me

Beau Golden

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Comments (4)

quite nearly perfection... simply beautiful
I would kill to be able to write something half as good as this! ! !
'Because you love me' - Lovely!
Love is the flutter of the strings of your heart Love is the emptiness when your apart Love is the openess to stand aside Love is reading a poem such as this