BR (3-20-76 / North Dakota (USA))

Why Do I Remember Pain?

Why do we go back to the places that cause us the most memories?
Do we do it to never forget what we were 'once apon a time'?
How much we could do, or what we could've been?
Where would we be now?

Why do I go back home only in my mind?
So that I can't break the past?
Or change the way it makes me feel, inside?
Because happyness seems better there.

Why do I remember pain?
Is it because of how much I wish it wasn't so?
Or is it because the cuts truly never heal?
Because it makes me, who I am today.

When I think and get sad at what happened
before I could do anything about it.
I wonder.. Why do I remember the pain?

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Pain brings experience even if it is too poignant sometimes and 'the cuts truly never heal'.Great job again. Best wishes. A.
Well delivered. You placed me into your poem. The sign of a great writer or artist or musician or whatever the hell you want to be. great stuff
Very good poem. I like how it can provoke thoughts about the human mind. Why do we remember pain? Why don't we let the past be the past instead of visisting it in our minds? These are the questions your poem provokes which is why I like it.
Wonderful poem. Makes you think
Another nice poem, full of feeling... 10... Colin J...
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