(18th July 1996 / Frimley)

Why Do I Still Love You?

I look into the mirror
And try to force a smile
Walk out of the door
To pretend for a while

On my way to school
Tear drops fall from the sky
The clouds, like me
Are starting to cry

I'm glad that tears don't show
Whenever it rains
That way, no one can see
All of my pain

I get into school
And I see you there
Laughing and joking
I send a silent prayer

As I go up to confront you
You give me a big grin
You don't know that I know
My pain is about to begin

I tell you that I know
It was you who told those lies
You who slagged me off
You who made me cry

Your face drops
As I tell you we're done
I know what I say
Can not be undone

I walk away
Tears dripping on the floor
Because now I know,
I can't live with your crap anymore

My friends, they tell me
I did the right thing
But if I was so right,
Why does my heart sting?

You hurt me bad
You made up lies
So why do I still love you
With everything I have inside?

by Katniss Everdeen

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