Why Do I Trust You So?

You hurt me more than you could know.
You broke my heart. You tore my soul.
But let us start anew our relationship of old.
Though my elder, you depend on me to mold
What little sense of self you have developed
In all your many years of life. Enveloped
By 'traumatic forces, ' as you would say,
You ask others, and me
'Who am I? What's life to me? '
You question kin.
You burden me.
Do your doubts and uncertainties fall harmlessly behind closed shutters?
No! they fall off of you and burden others.
They fall off you and fall on me!
You're burdensome. Don't you see?
My back bends under the weight of your problems and mine.
I must be absolutely out of my mind
To put my trust in you again
'Cause I love you.
I love you.
Daddy, I'll love you 'till the end

by Kathlene Ann

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