DLK (Dec.1948 / Lake Forest, Illinois)

Why Do I... You Ask?

I wish you'd share the parts inside
Share those parts, the ones you hide

The warmth I'd feel from that soft soul
Your soothing spirit is my goal

This battered man who's cloaked by sadness
Simply waits your shroud of gladness

Longing to quell my painful regret's
Stated in my sorrowed vignette's

Why do I love you? is your soft plea,
To answer simply, 'I dream of thee'

But if you should ask again my love,
I'll answer 'Want... of my beloved.'

And if perchance, it thrice you say,
'Your Love, I've need, and Hope to sway'

'There's not a thing, that we can do'
'To change these things, I feel for you'

'One day you'll see, then may accept'
'This love for you, I've always kept'

'Please take my hand, that I might try'
'To fill your dreams, 'fore end is nigh'

by Daniel Lloyd Kennedy

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