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Why Do Knowers Whisper?
NA (15 December 1973 / London, England)

Why Do Knowers Whisper?

Poem By Naveed Akram

Why is knowledge so powerful, when I am powerless?
In every society, in every family, and in every household,
The powerless gain company, and the whole prize is taken
By the gentry, by the gestures and the golden statues.

Let gold replace the wisdom of a day in college,
Silver is indeed a glitter of great health, a good deed
From the eyes, marrying others, like the life has joined;
So join then the enjoiners who distressfully object to men.

We need to think faster when members of the council
Act towards speech of gold and silver, so soil erupts.
Earthquakes are in the chests, calling forth like women
Who shake and quiver according to the levers and lights.

Why is my learning in my coffin, when disease ruptures
Like the melting plague, like the joiner of whispers?

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