Why Do People Humor People Such As These?

There's a hulk going about
Diverting attention
From himself
Spreading insinuations
About another -
What if it were noble me?

He goes about his dirty work
Seducing unwary lasses
At the workplace and everywhere
But the dumb fool he can't do it himself
with a defying boldness -

He wags his monkey tail
just as he does his wagging tongue
giving the name of another
to bear his blame
A dirty rascal, coward

These are people shooting from the hip
Living an anal life
good at the bottom job
They know how to
lick the feet and please somebody
But it's all an empty outward show

They're masters at the art of
pretentious display
With a hollow in their skulls
Just how do you expect them
to think straight or decent

When their minds are full of deception
And conniving means at hand -
There's another who has joined the one
To make a wastrel dunghill dirt-heap

They go about sowing their wild oats
And everybody damn well knows about it
And still I wonder why
This place should humour ones as these

by simon daniel

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