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Why Do Sheep Become Jumpers For People's Torsos

Tell me why do sheep become jumpers for people's torsos?
Always in my sleep I mull over such posing problems
And sometimes in my wake. At my wake when I am dead
I will still be thinking of such things in my ghost-head.
The ghost of sheeps' past, to my knowledge, are never sweaters
Unless they exercise too rigorously in Heavens' Olympic Games
Jumping over white gate doors to send the ghosts to sleep
Woolly jumpers; their coats were once made into woolly jumpers
(Not with Little Bo Peep!)
Little Bo Peep lost her sheep- she was 'fleeced' by a dodgy
Who conned the curly miss to let him manage her star sheep
Said he'd make them famous just like Meryl Sheep or Wayne Sheep
He didn't, the rotter, he shaved them for jumpers to make folk feel
Out came the shears, down went the sheep, off with the woolly
Cotton-wool, clouds with liquorice legs, off it cam in copious
Cauliflower-like heaps of tangled cream beard and several nude
Blushing profusely they bleated and ran quickly not looking at the
The dodgy business man gathered up the bundles and stuffed into
He knew in a few months the sheep would re-grow their coats back
He knew in a few weeks this fluff would be spun into wool,
For dying and knitting into Fair Isle, Aran, cardigans, V-necks (how
The woolly stuff was packed off to a spinning factory for
And then sent to a knitting jumpers factory for click-clack
Then sold to shops who sell to people. A cycle from ewe to you
It doesn't itch the sheep but is certain to irritate skin; 'tis
Why do we know to wear jumpers made out of spun sheep wool?
Who first decided to shear'n' spin the cream coloured bah bahs
Why don't we use Poodle shavings when they have their coats
Why don't we shave human chest hair or curly hair on head
100\%Pure New Wool. Trademark. It can't be that new,
As otherwise the poor sheep would have had to relinquish their
Coats and instantly give them to you to wear instantly with
Your new pants. It sometimes can be mixed fibres, acrylicy pith.
Why don't sheep shave the skin off mangy old people?
And spins kin into skeins to wear 100\% Pure New Flesh
Maybe hats, or cravats, or tops, or bottoms, or shirt
But it would contaminate them with vile human dirt.
We wear jumpers made out of sheep wool as its' traditional
It usefully resources natural fibres and enhances a natural
It keeps us from chillblains and aches and pains from winters' harsh
And gives us something to stitch purposely when they unravel with

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