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Why Do We Despise Another
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Why Do We Despise Another

Poem By Alisha Ricks

Hate is evil
Hate tries to consume you, wait, stop! Fight back
Don't let it take over your mind

Evil spreads itself all over the world grabbing weak souls
Yeah, sometimes I get angry, but I must remember
I can't let it get me
I must be strong
I fight evil with the merciless God giving me the strength
Not to fall in the fate of evil

When you’re angry, you're not yourself, but something else
Evil causes you to do the unthinkable, but
The ones that are still holy must stay holy until the end
Hold on, don't let go!

We will soon have revenge
Just hold on a little more

Yeah, of course I hate when people talk about me
I hate when people bully others for being different
I hate when people steal from me
I hate when people pretend to be my friend, but use me
I hate when people take the lives of others
I hate to be around people because they have betray me
But in the end
Anger is my worst enemy
So I hum to God in my mind to enter my heart and save my soul
I don't want to let evil fill my heart to where I no longer care
I want to be saved
Thank you God, you have saved me

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