AAA (3rd March 1985 / Kano)

Why Do We Die?

No one knows tomorrow,
This is true cos even you never know,
What the next hour holds for you,
It might be victory and success,
It might be failure and deprivation,
It might be love and happiness,
It might be hatred and sadness.

Who knows, oh who knows,
It may be the end of the road,
Only God can tell what the time holds,
But the question I ask and keep asking,
'why do we have to end up this way? '.

Hopes are lost, dreams shattered,
Hearts are broken, visions scattered,
I feel sad whenever someone perish and pass away,
I know it will surely be my turn someday,
May Heaven welcome us with open arms,
But I know I aint the only one wondering,
Why do we die?

Dedicated to: Sagir Shareef Fillo, Sulaiman Lawan Ayagi, Yusuf, My Grannie, Grandpas, Yakubu Shehu, Aminu Shehu, Maimunat Alhassan, Bashir Alhassan, Fatimat Alhassan, Hussain Alhassan, relatives and all our loved ones who passed on/away to Glory. R-I-P.

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Anything that begins has end, we die because we are born, what I ask why we were born. Anyway, your poem is amazing and touching. It's a great write in a lovely style.