Denied Motherhood

Lovely Motherhood divine
God for me didn’t design
For totally barren I am
And have not passed the exam.

It was not my mirth
To give child- birth
And am wallowing in self-pity
As I don’t have that capacity.

When I see babes being fed
Blood courses fast in my head
Mother and child’s proximity
Disturb’s my equanimity.

Why am I motherhood denied
Fate has made me to cry and dried
I extremely feel the loss of a child
When the world at me does deride.

When colleagues, of their children talk
My heart jolts and gets a mock
I speak of my siblings’ children, in lieu
And that of my neighbour’s children, I knew.

At such times I desperately pine
But to have a child I have no sign
I see many children playing
But mine there it is missing.

People’s pity, for me, I can’t bear
Their advices for me a child to bear
Their suggestions and proposals are a hundred
Their prescriptions fill me with hatred.

During family functions when people invite
All ladies, the auspicious lamp to light
I take a flight and am sad with my plight
As I am considered inauspicious with spite.

There is not a soul to call me “Mummy”
My heart yearns for it—I feel I am a dummy
O God! At least in my future birth
Please bestow on me a child on this Earth.

by chandra thiagarajan

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Anything that begins has end, we die because we are born, what I ask why we were born. Anyway, your poem is amazing and touching. It's a great write in a lovely style.