Why Do You Do This?

Are you in 18th or 19th century?
Why don't you improve the living
Standards of your own people?
You need not be the HITLER,
You need not be Napoleon,
You need not another OBAMA,
You need to be in the 21st century.
You need not occupy whole of the world.
Whatever you have, love them,
Make them love all citizens of the
If you still insist,
Occupy with aggression the planets,
All of them.
And become the God of the universe.
If you ambition is so.
Let all the world live in peace,
Exchange good-will and
Mutual understanding,
Live and let live.
Let the world be a happy
One, with less pollution
of Air, noise and water.
Share what you have
in excess to those
who have scarce.
History speaks of
Those who had tried
To rule the world.
So Beware! ! ! !

by gnrao rao

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