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Why Do You Treat Me The Way You Do? ? ?
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Why Do You Treat Me The Way You Do? ? ?

Poem By Rhonda Davis

You say we are friends and that is fine.
But then you treat me like a leper and I do not understand.
I have known you now for almost ten years and still you are a puzzle to me.
One day you smile and bring me into your circle and if I come close to walking in you move the edge.
I cannot tell if I have done something to offend you or if you are scared that your world will change.
This hot and cold is driving me crazy.
You ask me questions and if I respond you do not answer.
This a friendship of one-sided need?
I have supported you in your quest to sing to the world.
But have you ever supported mine?
I thought that is what friends do?
I have invited you and yours into my home and opened my heart to you, but have you ever done the same.
Friendship is not a convenient relationship to be had if it suits your goals alone.
So I think I must leave this so called friend in the dark before I break my heart in two.

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