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EC (07-18-1989 / Arkansas)


Poem By Fyodor Ivanovich Tyutchev

You said you never knew me
You never even tried to know me
You always turned the other way and never said anything at all
Every time I tried to talk to you
You acted like I wasn't even there
So don't tell me that you even cared about me
Cause I know you never did
You never even gave me chance to tell you how I feel
Now your sending me all these letters and e-mails saying that you want me now
Why do you want me now?
Is is to throw me around and be your slave
You think I'm stupid I know what your doing
You cant fool me at all
I used to like you yeah its true
But now I know I could never spend forever with a guy like you

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I liked that, but it does hit home for me! Good job! !