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Why Does A Person Fear?

Why does a person fear?
Why does he or she lose cheer?
How does a person achieve?
How does one get mischief?

What is the aim of a life?
Is the age sixty of a person ripe?
Why does a person miscarry?
Why does a person speculate fairy?

How to survive in this earth?
Can a person avoid rebirth?
Many questions arises in person's mind,
What are the solutions have to find?

A person fears for his or her unjust work,
Telling a lie leads him or her to murk.
Virtuous qualities like truth and nonviolence
Bring a person peace, bliss and silence.

Noble works, hard labour, bring ascent for person,
Meditation brings calmness and righteous action.
Aim of life should be to do good for nation,
And to do for soul will always be the notion.

Night comes after day and vice versa is sure,
Rebirth must come after death, action should be pure.
God can solve each problem if we shall do well,
Let's meditate him and save life from hood's tale.

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Nice.true meaning of fear well explained.
Absolute perfect educative poem. Excellently worded, such a finest poem to read this time and again. God´s Abundance Blessings for you, dear Master Poet Kumarmani Mahakul Sir! Thank you so much for sharing.
An insightful poem that is lace with deep refelection on life. Thanks forsharing such a great piece
to do good for nation......delightful poem. Thank u, dear poet. anjandev roy.
We should not feat at all. We have inner courage and trust. We should feel it. This poem is very nice and interesting. Thank you dear poet sir.
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