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“why Does He Read So Much? , ” Enquired She About Curiously

“why Does He Read So Much? , ” Enquired She About Curiously

“Why does he read so much? , ”
The rustic beloved thought it within
As, if he goes on reading
In such a way
Without heeding her,
He will go mad
And the people are saying too
As it has been heard,
He is planning to go to
I mean the overseas
And if he moves to foreign,
A deshi not, Vilayati rival wife
Will come with him,
So, why not to destroy his papers
So that he will abandon on the idea
Of going to foreign
And he will love me?

The rustic and shepherd wife
Having hurled the papers,
Flung and thrown
Started she weeping
And complaining against
And of returning back to
Her parent’s home
Rather being here,
A simple and innocent wife.
Quite ignorant of,
A rustic beloved,
Asking for love,
Not for scholarly absorption.

Why does he read,
What does he want to get,
Why does not smile
On seeing me,
What has it become to him,
He himself reads and smiles,
Has some ghost haunted him,
What’s the matter,
Has he become forgetful of,
Will he forget me
After going to the city
And becoming a big man,
Does he want to go to foreign,
Will he come with a second foreigner wife,
Only God knows it?

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