Why Does It Have To Be, That You'Re Starting To Hate Me?

im hating this more and more
every time i take the floor to
stand up and voice my opinion.
everyday i plead for everything to return to normal once again,
but nothing can be the same,
things got screwed up in one night oh so long ago,
someone screamed, someone cried, while one just was trying to have fun.
why cant things just be forgotten? why cant things just disappear?
these skeletons in my closet arent decaying, they wont ever disapear, because the skeleton in my closet is still flesh and bone. these skeletones that i have i cant even talk about with the names that they go by, and that kills me the most cause i will never be able to get the help i deserve without one that i care for getting hurt.

Everytime i look upon his face
my thoughts begin to race
back to when we were bothe going through a phase,
and mine was of simplicity and obediance and his was...not quite so.

No one will ever know what happened 'cause i cant tell a soul without feeling bad.
i cant tell now cause of the living,
and i cant tell when they're dead.
so i guess ill just sit here with this sick and twisted head
of mine that just keeps spinning and whirling around
the loves of my life.

Friends werent the ones who did this,
friends wouldnt even dare
touch me in such away that i cry and bleed.

i just read a story,
and it brought me back to when,
i was just a little girl with nothing to dread
besides the night time when
everything would go dark
I would pray so hard when dark came
so that monsters wouldnt come and take me away.

I still cant believe
the things i have said and done
before my comensense kicked in
and more people cared what i thought and said.

by Aimee Niree Dowell

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