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Why Does She Cry?
CT Corey Threet (8/25/93 / Buffalo, New york)

Why Does She Cry?

I love her,
O I love her
So beautiful she is
O I know I love her
I can’t stand it when she
Is so far from me
Feels like eternity
Light years through the sea
Why does she go
I wish she could just stay
She holds my body, my soul,
And my heart fell in her gaze
She pierces my soul
When she looks into me
And she can find things I’ve never seen
A scene when it’s just you and me
Just the way it is to be
But why does she cry
When I love her
When I care for her
Do anything for her
Why does she cry
Even over the phone
I just want to know
Why does she cry…
It’s because she is alone

But how is she alone
When I love her for all
The things that she does
Through the rises and from the falls
Her eyes are so precious
I can only be
It can only be
A love between you and me
But why does her eyes
The same ones that pierce through my soul
Rain tears drops with no control
My baby you are my goal
I don’t understand
Even though I love you so dear
What is the reason you’re shedding this tear
Baby girl you know that I’m here
Why does she cry
When I tell her I’m here
To conquer our every fear
This is one thing I just don’t know
Why does she cry
When my heart she owns
Am I crowding her zone
I just need to know
Why does she cry…
Because she’s all alone

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