Why Doesn't Nation Progress?

Why is water shortage problem coming in any place of any nation?
Many lakes are hidden due to encroachment of lands everywhere;
When floods come, then only the passage of rivers is known to all!

Also, in such places, when weeds are removed, a wonderful lake appears;
That lake later becomes best tourist spot of a historical town;
As all drainage and effluents are mixed in it, lake turns poisonous!

Likewise, many lakes of a well known city have been forgotten long;
For drinking water, from somewhere water is drawn by long pipeline
And mineral water bottles are being bought by all to quench thirst!

Having best water resources spoiled by lackadaisical management,
The scarcity of water is artificially created where water is surplus;
If administration of a nation is done so, how can a nation progress..?

All by wrong political maneuverability, all shortages are created
To take advantage of them for canvassing that to come to power ever!

by Ramesh T A

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nice one....10 Weather plays the role of villain Sometimes there is no access if rain falls in access And sometimes there is shortage Each time we suffer due to drainage or heavy fall The corruption is rampant Let us praise the steps taken by chennai civic deparment There is rain harvest The rainy water is stored and served as best interst