Why Don'T I Cry?

Salty tears would taste so sweet.
All I want to do is weep,
But I don't cry.

I've so much hurt inside of me.
I feel it overflow.
My eyes are dry, so are my cheeks.
It's my veins that my pain knows.

Liquid pain drips out of me,
Turned red by all the hurt.
My wrists... they cry in place of me,
But they're hidden by my shirt.

I don't cry 'cause that'd look weak,
But pain still pools around my feet.
The blood, my blood, tastes too damn sweet.
Sweet blood. Sweet blood. Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet...

by Kathlene Ann

Comments (2)

hmm... Crying- Form of release... try it... it doesnt mean your weak. cutting, only takes the pain away.. for a bit.. take care..
strong words..strong person...