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Why Fall In Love? !

Why Fall In Love? !

Why do we have the overwhelming urge 2 fall n love
If u think about it
Its pointless
Its a never ending cycle
1st, you grow to deeply care about some1.
2nd, you begin to love them
3rd, you fall n love wit them
Bt how can u totally trust
Tht the love u share will outlast the obstacles ahead
If all else fails
Wht u once called love b/w the 2 of you
Is replaced with resentment
Tht can also develop into a love tht U dnt wana show
So u display it as hatred
So this beautiful picture u once painted wit this person
Is shatterd
Nt only by
False dreams n hopes
Bt by not bein able 2 sit down n work through current problems. my conclusion, we all have the need 2 be needed
So we take the risk of either getting hurt
Or actually finding someone u care about
If ur really lucky,
U find someone that cares about you back.

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Hopeful lines.i jus could love last few lines.rest r less positive