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Why God?
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Why God?

Poem By courtney helm

People say there’s a place to be happy,
But does it exist?
I’m unhappy,
I wish it would go,
These drinks and these drugs,
I keep my head low,
All I want is a hug,
A shoulder to lean,
Someone to talk,
We’re only a teen,
This is a lot,
I live it over again,
I hear the conversation,
When will the rain,
Come take the pain?
I live in this life alone,
I make it,
Through the unknown,
I’m broke,
This is so extreme,
Is this some joke?
Tell me it’s a dream,
What do I do next?
I’ve already cried,
Out my soul
Do I hide?
I feel so cold,
Come and make.

I hear them yelling,
They call each other names,
I hear them failing,
I hear them going into flames,
I hear them hating,
I hear them screaming,
I hear them shaking,
Come and take.

Why do they hide?
Why do they lie?
Why do they hurt inside?
Why do they always cry?
why do they die.
why can’t we fight?

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