~ Why Hack My She ~

Why hack my mind?
I can be bare and nude.

Why do hush-hush eye scallop?
My chaste boobs
I can strip off veil for revel
Egressing 'no-bra-look'.

Why scope scoop tangently lips?
Lend red from beguiling xx blood
To satiate you lip hunger.

Why itch psychically in
Nibble nimble thighs and triangle
in between?
Dive dip deep in horripilant
River Ganga Yamuna
I can lay bedecking billow bed.

Stop hacking
Stop itching
Stop scooping
Stop scoping.

Hey come
Bare nude
Together for sure
Flush all impure
Into unmarred pure
Make us’ your n’ your.
Why then hack my She?
xx ->female


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I agree to Kelsey Hartmann.Strong wordings to suit the theme.
Hi Nivedita, Impurity is in the minds of the beholder, in his lust! Not in the beautiful poem..10
A brilliant write! Bold and strong in thoughts...loved too much.
This is a deep showing of your disgust at being taken advantge of. If we have you, why exploit you. This is great but I ask you to let me know if my inerpretation is even close
The protest is bold but somewhere it reminded me of Taslima Nasreen's use of bare words sometimes bordering round obscenity or vulgarity. Literature, or more specifically, poetry should imply more leaving it upon the reader to conjure the meaning. Same ideas could have been expressed using more subtle words.
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